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Good Evening

School garden teaches the the joy of helping others

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Amanda Saladino, Greenlawn

At our school, we have a garden. In the spring, Ivy League’s students have an opportunity to germinate seeds in their classrooms. We then plant the seedlings that we grew in the garden. The seeds the young gardeners have the opportunity to plant are beans, pumpkins, carrots, squash, or cilantro. Each grade was given different seeds, so our harvest would have more of a variety. Students get to enjoy the garden they worked so hard for. It is a really fun and educational activity. All students get to learn how plants need care like people and get to watch the seeds grow in a fun, hands-on way. This teaches students about the responsibility of taking care of another living thing.

Students also learn what being a good team member means. They learn that everyone has a part to play, even if they don’t realize it. Sometimes, we make new friends in the process. It feels so good to go outside, stretch our legs, and do an outdoor activity instead of being cramped up in a classroom. At the end of spring, we are all proud that we accomplished something successfully that we have never done before. During homeroom, we have to check on the plants at least three times a week to make sure the seeds are growing. It is important that every student makes sure his or her plant is constantly getting enough water and sunlight.

After the seeds grow, the Ivy League School donates the food to Island Harvest. The Island Harvest’s mission is “to help people who can’t provide for themselves.” After Island Harvest comes to collect our locally grown donations, they give all the food to the people on Long Island who can’t afford food for their families. It makes all of us feel good to know that we are helping people in need.

You should start your own garden and donate the food to people who need it and you, too, can feel the joy of helping others.

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