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School gardens make the grade

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Amanda Saladino, Greenlawn

Every year all the students in every grade participate in planting a garden. Our personal favorites are the third-grade salad garden, fourth-grade bird garden and fifth-grade butterfly garden.

Third-graders learn about nutritious and poisonous plants. They get to plant seeds for their salad and observe their changes. At the end of the year they get to have a salad party and enjoy eating their work.

Fourth-graders learn about birds and what to plant for them. Then they plant certain plants after they decide which ones the birds will eat. They make bird feeders, too. After they fill the bird feeders with seeds, they hang them up above the plants that they planted for the birds.

Fifth-graders grow plants for the school butterflies and caterpillars to eat. Every kid plants a type of plant that has a nectar that the butterflies like to eat. Then the kids will do a report on their butterfly and caterpillar. They also make artwork based on butterfly scales. They will look at real butterflies and caterpillars up close.

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