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New seagull mascot to cheer on Our Lady of the Hamptons

Our Lady of the Hamptons' new school mascot.

Our Lady of the Hamptons' new school mascot. Credit: Valerie Hanley

When you pass Our Lady of the Hamptons Regional Catholic School, you may notice certain visitors sitting attentively on top of the school. Open a window and you’ll hear their calls. On clear days, they may even join you at recess!

Since they are such regulars at our school, you probably understand why seagulls are our mascot. They appear on the school jackets and coats sold each year, and are the names of most of the sports teams that represent our school. Now their representation will be taken a step further.

Most claim the mascot is our principal’s dog, Meggie. She is a golden doodle that all students of Our Lady of the Hamptons are familiar with. An official mascot will clear up any previous confusion. The student council is working on developing a suit for the seagull mascot, so it can cheer on our teams and entertain the crowd at every event. We already have a candidate who has volunteered to wear the suit.

With the seagull, pep rallies will become an annual event. In our gym where we host many events including basketball, track, cheerleading and volleyball, the mascot will be able to energize the crowd as well as our home teams. The pep rallies we will hold will encourage the players to try their best, as well as involving the entire school in the sporting events. Go, Seagulls!

Valerie Hanley’s seventh-grade class, Our Lady of the Hamptons Regional Catholic School, Southampton

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