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School spirit week gets everyone cheering

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matt Faraci, Sayville

Do you like school? Sometimes, you just need something to pick up your “spirits,” and I have the perfect antidote for you: spirit week.

In my school, we have spirit week each year. For one week we try to have fun at school during the cold and boring months, and usually around testing.

Last year, my school kicked off spirit week with Sports Day on Monday. We basically wore any kind of sporty shirt. Also, at the end of the day, we got free ice cream saucers. On Tuesday we had Patriots Day and were allowed to wear patriotic colors or any official patriotic clothing. On Wednesday we had a choice between College Day or school colors, which meant we could wear a shirt with a college name on it. On Thursday, we had Crazy Hat/Hair Day. On Friday, we had Pajama Day!

These are just a few fun ways to cheer up your school. During spirit week at our school, for everyone who dressed accordingly, their team got a point. The team with the most points got a free pizza party!

I think you should try to get your school to have some fun with a spirit week or even a day. What’s amazing is that your school can be flexible — there is no one specific way that you absolutely have to make it.

Janet Rumble and Sandi Yarow’s sixth-grade class, Great Neck South Middle School

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