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How to talk to a teacher

Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

It's a new school year, and soon there will be projects and tests and challenging assignments. Chances are you are not always going to understand something or you may not get the grades that you were hoping for. Do you ever think that a grade you have received from a teacher is unfair? Maybe you have upset a teacher and want to talk about it with him or her, or you just don't know how to ask for help.

Communication is the key, and you should always make sure your teacher listens to you and you listen to your teacher. Here are some helpful tips on how to appropriately talk to a teacher:

•    If you don’t think a grade is fair, don’t say, “This is not fair! Change it!” Instead, say, “I don’t know what I did wrong. Can you explain it to me, please?”

•    If you need help, ask before or after class. Say something like, “I don’t fully understand this topic. Can you please help me, or is there a time I can come to extra help?”

•    If you upset teacher, instead of showing a bad attitude, say you are sorry and that you take full responsibility. Ask “What can I do to make it up to you?”

These are some helpful ways to talk to a teacher to make your school year go smoothly!

Valentina Gatti and Bonnie Hersch’s sixth-grade class, Wantagh Middle School

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