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In science class, we learned what heat can do

Kidsday reporters Nina Martellacci, left, Madison Chin and

Kidsday reporters Nina Martellacci, left, Madison Chin and John Buffolino learn what fire can do to various substances. Credit: Lori Shyman

In science class we experimented with fire. Our teacher, Ms. Maria Santodonato, gave us six substances to test. We had to see if they turned into a solid, liquid or gas when we put them over a flame. The six substances were citric acid, baking soda, plaster of Paris, salt, sugar and cornstarch.

First, we lit a candle. We made a little pan out of aluminum foil and put the substance over the flame. We looked to see if the substance would dissolve into a liquid, fizz or burn.

The sugar turned into a liquid. It dissolved into caramel. We didn’t know that it was going to turn into caramel. It was very interesting and cool!

The cornstarch burned and smelled like popcorn. The citric acid fizzed and turned from a liquid to a gas. It had a sour smell that smelled really bad.

We had to wear goggles for safety when we did the experiment. Doing this experiment was so much fun. It taught us how to be mature and responsible with fire.

We think it is a good and fun way to learn science, but if kids try this at home, they should be supervised by an adult for safety.

Lori Shyman’s sixth-grade class, Clarke Middle School, Westbury

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