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4M dinosaur and crystal science kits fun to create

Crystal Growing Experimental Kit

Crystal Growing Experimental Kit Credit: 4M

We tested two science sets from 4M and rated them perfect 5s. They were so much fun to make. We tested TyRannoSaurus ReX DinoSaur DNA and Crystal Growing Experimental Kit.

Lauren tested TyRannoSaurus ReX DinoSaur DNA and wrote: The object of this kit is to build your own glow-in-the-dark T. rex skeleton. I opened the tyrannosaurus box and started digging for the bones right away. It was too hard to dig, so I poured hot water on it. I found the bones and a little container of stickers. Then I built the dinosaur, and it turned out to be a T. rex.

I love building the dinosaur so much that I want another set. I love how it glowed in the dark. Also, once I ordered the app and took a picture, it appeared like a real T. rex on the screen.

Gianna tested Crystal Growing Experimental Kit and wrote: To start making the crystal, I had to warm 200 mL of water up to 100 degrees Celsius. Then I added the crystal compound and waited until it cooled down before adding color. I picked blue for my crystal, but you can also choose from red or white. Then you wait seven days. After seven days, pour the water out so the color from the crystal does not get on your hands. Put some fresh water in the cup for a few seconds and then pour it out. Get a cap, cover the crystal, and then it is done! Mine turned out to be a beautiful blue! I would definitely tell my friends to buy it! I love making stuff, and this was pretty cool.

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