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Screaming gets you nowhere

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matt Faraci, Sayville

Does screaming help you get your way? If you said yes, you must be one lucky kid. For most of us, the answer is no. We will most likely end up getting into trouble.

If your parents do listen to you when you scream, they will probably get annoyed after a while, and they will just send you to your room. Screaming will also just make you look bad. You don’t want people to think you’re a brat, you want them to think you’re an angel!

Instead of screaming, you should support what you’re saying with some good old facts. Tell your parent what it is that you want and why you want it. If they say they will think about it, just be patient and remind them at a time when they are not doing anything important.

I got a chance to ask some teachers why they think screaming won’t help get kids get what they want. First, I asked two fifth-grade teachers about their opinions. The first teacher said, “When kids scream, it is bratty and disrespectful. Children should not yell at adults even if they are upset. Instead, they should try to get their point across as calmly as they can.”

The second fifth-grade teacher said, “Screaming is disrespectful, and it rewards negative behavior. Kids should know they can’t always get what they want. You will always get more with honey than with vinegar.”

After asking the teachers, I asked some kids. First I asked a fourth-grader if she ever screamed to get what she wanted. She told me she has screamed to get what she wanted. She screamed in the store so her mom would buy her candy. She didn’t tell me if she got the candy or not. Next, I asked a second-grader. She said she doesn’t scream to get what she wants because she knows she will not get it. Lastly, I asked a kindergartner. She said it is not nice to scream. She also said it would be really rude at a dinner table.

Take Veruca Salt, for instance, the spoiled character from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” She threw a tantrum and started screaming at her father to get her the golden ticket. Since she was a spoiled brat, her father made it happen. When she went to the chocolate factory, she threw another tantrum and started screaming in the nut room because she wanted a squirrel. Veruca Salt ended up dirty and covered in garbage. This is what should happen to kids who scream!

Dyanne Case, Melissa Dinkelacker and Janet Nizinski’s fifth-grade class, Northside School, Levittown

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