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Screen Shades: Protect your eyes from computer blue light while you play

Kidsday reporters Bryson Brunert and Ava Bulanowski tested

Kidsday reporters Bryson Brunert and Ava Bulanowski tested Screen Shades, glasses to block blue light from screens. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Screen Shades Computer Glasses for Youth (Real Shades) are just that: a pair of glasses that protect your eyes from blue light.

We thought they were very good because they worked! And they have unbreakable frames and ophthalmic-quality lenses.

The original age group is 7 and up. We think it should be all ages because there are no small parts. Real Shades also makes Screen Shades for younger kids too. They are legit and protect your eyes. These were great because we play a lot of video games. We never knew about screen glasses before, so we were trying them for the first time. We hope somebody else will have the same experience that we did.

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

Beth Darrell’s fourth-grade class, Pulaski Road Elementary School, East Northport

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