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Reflections on my sea glass collection

Kidsday reporter James Logler has been collecting sea

Kidsday reporter James Logler has been collecting sea glass. Credit: Logler family

Every summer, my mom and I look for sea glass at the beach.

We usually go to the beaches at Quogue, but we have also found some in Florida, Spain and Greece. Sea glass includes bottles and other forms of glass that have been worn down by being tossed and turned in the sand and salt water. This makes the sharp edges smooth and curved. Over the years, we have collected hundreds of pieces that we save in jars. Since most bottles are clear, green or brown, these are the colors we generally find.

Some days, we walk along the ocean and don't find any. Other days, we may find a whole handful! I think recycling has cut down on the amount of sea glass. This is good for the environment, but it makes the hunt harder. I especially like the feeling that I get when I find a piece of sea glass — especially in a rare color. It’s like finding a hidden gem.

Tom Hughes Rising Stars, Garden City

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