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Sea horses are strange and fascinating creatures

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Bree Weber

Sea horses are my favorite animals because they are really cute and fascinating. Sea horses are fascinating to me because male sea horses have the babies, not the mother.

I collect sea horse toys that are from Beanie Boos. I have been collecting sea horse toys for about two years. My friend and classmate, Sydney Dunn, inspired me to start collecting them by telling me facts about them that I think make them cool. Whenever I go to the aquarium I always want to look at the sea horses first. Even the name has two of my favorite things in it: sea and horse. If sea horses didn’t exist my favorite animal would be a horse.

Another cool fact: Sea horses hold onto seaweed during sea storms. Their tails help them stay on the seaweed. I think their tails are like arms because they can grab onto things. Sea horses can also camouflage themselves.

There are 47 different types of sea horses and my favorite is the sea dragon, which looks like a big weed. They live in the waters off Australia. Sea dragons are in the same family as sea horses and share some characteristics, like a fused jaw and tubelike snout, slow swimming speed, and the ability to change color for camouflage. There are two types of sea dragons, leafy and weedy. They may live among sea grass, rocky or boulder covered areas, sandy bottoms and seaweed beds.


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