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Making jewelry from seashells is easy and fun

Kidsday reporter Natalie Bongiorno with a shell necklace

Kidsday reporter Natalie Bongiorno with a shell necklace that she made. Credit: Bongiorno family

In the summer I go to the beach and collect seashells. I go to Nickerson Beach in Lido Beach to collect them. At the end of the summer when I have a jar full of shells, I make bracelets, necklaces and other types of jewelry.

I give some of the bracelets to my friends and others to my family. The rest I keep, and I give them to my friends at the beach the next summer. I also put a seashell as a good-luck charm on my charm bracelet. If I have any left over, I put them around a picture frame.

Every summer I do the same thing over and over again. It is really fun to collect more seashells and put all of them into a jar.

You should try it — it is easy. I hope you have fun, and I hope the seashells are easy for you to collect. This is a fun and cool craft idea.

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