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Good Morning

I like to visit mom at work

Kidsday reporter Matthew Cook of Aquebogue visiting his

Kidsday reporter Matthew Cook of Aquebogue visiting his mom, Emily Cook, at work. Credit: Tami Koller

I go to work with my mom sometimes at Theory in Tanger Outlets which is a clothing store.

Sometimes after school, my mom picks me up and we go to her store. Sometimes it is busy with a lot of customers, but not all the time. I like to watch people on the cameras. There are many cameras in the store because sometimes, people try to steal stuff.

I like visiting my mom at work because it calms me down a lot. The fun part is when it is not too busy I get to watch stuff on my mom’s phone,  like ultimate videos, and play games while my mom works. The games I play are Super Smash Bros. or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I do my homework at my mom’s work and then I play with my games on my Switch.

I hope you enjoyed this story, but most of all, don’t steal my mom’s clothes! We are watching you!

Tami Koller’s fourth-grade class, Aquebogue Elementary School

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