Good Evening
Good Evening

Serving my school as a monitor

I have two very special jobs at my school. My morning job title is Morning Monitor. I get to school early when the kindergartners come in through the main doors. The Morning Monitors greet them and high-five them. When the first- and second-graders come through the hallway, we have to stop the kindergartners so the first- and second-graders don't crush them. When the first- and second-graders are gone, we let the kindergartners go to their classrooms. Some of the other monitors will tell the first- and second-grader to walk and slow down if they're going too fast.

Another job I do is afternoon bus monitoring. On the first day of school I get assigned a class. My bus class is Mrs. Isabella Legovich's second-grade class. The first round of bus kids go to the cafeteria and the second round of bus kids go to the gym. The bus monitors have to wait until 3 p.m. in the gym. It is the bus monitor's responsibility to make sure the kids get there on time and safely. I take my job seriously and I am proud to serve my school.

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