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'Sesame Street Live!' is a great family show

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We saw “Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic,” at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden. This was the best time of our lives. Our sisters, Isabella, 4 and Mia, 5,  had a wonderful time there as well. We even got to meet all the characters. The boy who plays Justin in the show was so nice to everyone.

      Since we are a little bit older we weren’t sure if we would enjoy it as much as our younger sisters. Anthony enjoyed it a lot. His favorite character was Elmo. He said his favorite scene was when Elmo got mad about not getting the trick but Justin told him to keep trying, to never give up. He got inspired to never give up in any trouble. And, if you saw the show you will also get inspired as well. Nicholas' opinion of the show was that it was great and inspiring and fun. His favorite character was Cookie Monster because he was so funny and hungry and had a cookie store and Nicholas loves cookies, too. We both had a really good time at the show, but our sisters liked it even more!

     Anthony’s sister, Isabella, really got into the show. Whenever they said to clap or stand and dance she always did it. She said it was the best time of her life and it was even better because she was with Anthony. She said she will always remember that time that we had together. Her favorite character was Abby. Her favorite scene was when Abby made the flowers super tall.

Nicholas sister, Mia, said her favorite character was Elmo because he was super funny and fun listen to. Her favorite part of the show was when Cookie Monster made some yummy cookies and ate them. She thought the show was amazing.

        “Sesame Street Live! Make Your Magic” was about getting to a magic show that was going on and Elmo did not have any magic trick to show. But Justin helped Elmo . And then Abby helped him as well and then at the end Elmo  got his chance to do a trick and did it right. The lesson of the show is that if you mess up,  just keep trying, and you will always do good.

          We are so happy and blessed we had this opportunity here at the De La Salle School in Freeport to share ths amazing time with our little sisters.

It is playing at the Hulu Theater in Manhattan through Feb. 24. Don’t miss it and treat your younger brothers and sisters and they will have the best time ever with you!

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