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‘Sesame Street Live: Let’s Dance!’ comes to NYC

Kidsday reporters Anthony Cerulli, Daniella Cerulli, Maria Cerulli

Kidsday reporters Anthony Cerulli, Daniella Cerulli, Maria Cerulli and Gianna Cerulli went to see "Sesame Street Live: Let's Dance!" at Madison Square Garden. Credit: Gina Cerulli

We went to see “Sesame Street Live: Let’s Dance!” at the Theater at Madison Square Garden on Thursday, and we were thrilled to see some of our favorite characters — Elmo, Bert and Ernie, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster, Telly, The Count, Rosita and Grover. Everyone should experience this high-energy musical that encourages the audience to sing and dance along.

This epic, interactive dance party teaches kids they can be anyone, do anything and dance anywhere with the power of imagination.

This amazing two-act musical incorporated 17 songs and a 15-minute intermission, and was just the perfect time for us. We sang, danced, laughed and even got to take pictures with many of the characters that were in the aisles during the performance. Throughout the show Elmo tried to name his favorite dance, but can’t!

What was our favorite part? Just like Elmo, it was hard to pick the best act because there were so many.

We loved the scene when Bert complained that he didn’t know how to dance and Grover and his friends suggested to go to the dance studio. Bert refused — until Grover and his friends said they would go with him. What great friends! The characters sang and took public transportation as they sang “The Wheels on the Bus.” Once at the studio, Bert read a sign: All Feets Can Dance School. Guess who the master dance teacher was? Cookie Monster! He was a dancing maniac. We loved the part when Bert said, “What’s happening to my body?” We all sang and danced to the great song “All Feets Can Dance.”

We saw lots of stuffed animals and helium balloons in the shape of Elmo’s head and Cookie Monster for sale. Come prepared to get there on time, bring money for souvenirs and treats, but most importantly don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!

The show runs daily through Feb. 21. For more information go to:


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