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Good Evening

The Setauket Diner is the place to go

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Si Yue Jiang, Melville

Your belly is growling and all you want is pancakes. So you decide to go to your pantry and there’s nothing there. You think, where am I going to find pancakes this late at night? Try the Setauket Village Diner, where they serve pancakes and a variety of different foods, seven days a week.

The Setauket Diner is a great place to eat no matter what you’re in the mood for. When the manager was asked how he came up with the food choices on the menu, he said, “I like to serve the latest and tastiest trends in food.”

They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, all day long! The main choices for breakfast are pancakes, waffles, French toast, eggs, and bagels. For dessert they have the banana split, pies, cookies and chocolate pudding. Wow, that’s a lot of food! Are you guys hungry yet? We are.

At the Setauket Village Diner all the workers are very friendly. We were told they look for cleanliness, smiles, personality, customer service and attentiveness in a server. Right as you walk in, the manager greets you at the door. He invites you in and guides you to a comfy seat. You can never see a frown on their faces. They always smile even when they’re not talking to you.

So the next time you want great food, go to the Setauket Village Diner because you won’t be disappointed.

Info: 238 Route 25A, East Setauket, 631-941-3826

Nancy Bachety's sixth-grade class, Port Jefferson Middle School

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