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Sew what? Anything, once you learn sewing skills

Kidsday reporter Michaela New works on a project

Kidsday reporter Michaela New works on a project at her sewing machine. Credit: New family

To sew or not to sew? What a good question! Sewing is a lost art that many adults and kids around the world do not know how to do or know very little about. Most kids these days do not even know how to sew on a button, which is one of the easiest sewing skills that you can learn as a beginner.

Some kids are starting to learn how to sew, and it is impressing many adults who do not know how to sew. There are lots of classes for kids just like you all around Long Island where you can make many amazing things.

You can create all sorts of items, such as clothes for you or your family, different types of pillows, bags, items for the house, or even quilts. Going to classes will help you learn the basic art of sewing.

I can tell you from experience it becomes easier once you get used to it. Since I started sewing, I’ve noticed that all of the kids I have met have had such a terrific time, and even better, their products came out beautifully! Many kids learn how to sew, and so can you if you put your heart into learning something new.

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