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‘Share the Voice’ gets donation from LI school for bikes

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Sofia Legovich

Kids in our school donated $1,200 to “Share the Voice.” We have been earning this money from a simple walk/run at school. About 750 students participated in the walk/run that occurs every year in May. We raised and donated $1,200 to “Share the Voice” so they can buy tricycles for kids with different disabilities. Now, $1,200 isn’t really that much considering that the tricycles range from $1,200 to more than $6,000 plus helmets and gloves, etc.

Our principal, Mr. Gilbert Torossian, explained to us that regular pedals go in a circular movement that requires power over your leg motion. Some of the kids don’t have control or coordination with their legs so they can’t ride regular bikes. Now you’re probably wondering how do they pick the next kid? Well, they have a wish list of kids every age that have all different disabilities. The tricycles are fitted for the kid’s disability. You can watch a video of Joshua Barlow’s excitement receiving his tricycle on thanks to Polk Street School’s efforts.

We decided to raise money for the past two years because the bikes are a lot more expensive than parents can afford. We were so happy to see the face of the child who received the bike, the laughter and joy.

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