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Good Morning

Sharing a room: 4 ways to make it better

There's nothing like sharing a room with a sibling: It all boils down to four things: compatibility, coexistence and closet capacity, with a little humor thrown in. For the past 13 years, this is how my sister and I made it work. From day one, we couldn't have been more different.

Differences lead to challenges. Where I am content with organized chaos, my sister is a neat freak. One side looks like it's lived in, the other looks like a museum. Ironically, I always know where all my things are; whereas, my sister cannot find anything. Who is to say that your jewelry has to go neatly in a jewelry box, when hanging your necklaces on a soccer trophy can serve the same propose?

Closet space. To be truly compatible, we probably should split the space evenly. Anyone who knows us would say that's impossible. First off, my size 10 shoes take up double the space of her size 5s.

I'm a sweats-and-T-shirt girl. For my sister, it is all about layers and layers and layers. She is like an onion: You pull back one layer of clothes and another one appears. So where are all these clothes? Spilling over into my drawer space! Then there are the products. From nail to hair to face products . . . what an array of aromas. In all fairness, I guess you can say my soccer cleats don't smell much better. When you put it all together, it boils down to peaceful coexistence.

Sure, there are the usual sibling spats, but they are usually resolved very quickly. After all, it's not like I can escape to my room to get away from her. She lives there!

Through the years, we have learned to laugh at the little things that sometimes annoy us. As I pull the covers over my head each morning to escape the cloud of hair spray, I laugh to myself as she trips over my sneakers to get out of the room.

I don't think either one of us would have it any other way.

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