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My own shed: Where work and projects begin

Kidsday reporter Connor Feehan from Oysterponds Elementary School,

Kidsday reporter Connor Feehan from Oysterponds Elementary School, Orient, and his shed full of equipment. Credit: Feehan family

I live in East Marion and I have my own shed. The midsize shed is at the back left side of my yard and it is 10 feet by 8 feet. I have go-karts, dirt bikes, quads, motors, in every corner you look. I also have landscaping equipment. I have lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, weed eaters, chain saws and almost everything you can think of.

On my seventh birthday my dad said I could have the shed for all my stuff. He needed a bigger shed, so he gave the smaller shed to me, and it is perfect.

I have tools because I like to build many kinds of things. One example is the gas scooter I built. I had an electric scooter that stopped working, so I cut the frame in half, extended it one foot, redid the floor and put a gas engine on it. I ordered all the parts online. It’s almost done!

I help my dad at work because I like to do construction. It’s fun. My dad’s company is Superior Remodeling and Finishes, SRF, like his initials. Together, my dad and I refinish hardwood floors and retile bathrooms and kitchens.

When I mow and trim weeds for people in the neighborhood, I get paid well. For a quarter acre I get paid $20. I have two clients whose lawns I move every week in the summer and other clients I mow on occasion. In the winter, I snowplow some yards and driveways. I use some of the money for parts for my projects.

Brittany Crosser’s fifth- and sixth-grade class, Oysterponds Elementary School, Orient

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