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LI kid likes to decorate with seashells

Kidsday reporter Estefani Gomez with her shell collection

Kidsday reporter Estefani Gomez with her shell collection and decorated frame. Credit: Gomez family

Do you have seashells? I do! Living near the water makes it easy for me to collect them. I also like to make things out of the shells.

Here is a simple but pretty way to make a shell frame. All you need is a wood picture frame, seashells and hot glue (get an adult to help with the glue).

If you want, you can color the seashells and add gems. I think it is a good idea to lay everything out on the frame to make sure it fits and also make the design look great. Then go back and glue the shells to the frame.

The next idea is to do cool designs on the seashells like puppies, a rainbow, a cat, birds or your pet.

Good beaches to go to are Southampton Main Beach and Two Mile Hollow Beach in East Hampton.

Amy Brown’s fourth-grade class, Cutchogue East Elementary School

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