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Pros and cons of shopping online

Kidsday reporters Felix Flores Banos, left, and Brandon

Kidsday reporters Felix Flores Banos, left, and Brandon Garrovillas of Landing Elementary School, Glen Cove, with the giant Post-it notes that their teacher mistakenly bought online. Credit: Melissa Harechmak

Both online shopping and regular shopping have benefits and disadvantages.

One benefit of regular shopping is that you can see the item in person instead of looking at a picture on Amazon or other sites. Another benefit is you can get the product right away, unlike online shopping where you have to wait a certain number of days.

Shopping at a store has many benefits but at the same time a lot of things can go wrong. Some disadvantages of regular shopping are that some things might not work because other shoppers might press the buttons, which wastes the battery. Another disadvantage of regular shopping is you use up gas driving to the store, and then you have to battle crowds.

One reason online shopping is good is that you can shop in PJs. Another reason is the stores are never closed. The best reason is that online shoppers don’t have to deal with aggressive salespeople.

But that doesn’t mean online shopping can’t have disadvantages. One disadvantage is you don’t get much exercise. All you do is stare at a screen. Your product also might get damaged during shipping.

So which one is better? It’s your choice! Another reason not to do it is that you might get the wrong item if you are not careful. Our teacher, Melissa Harechmak, once ordered Post-its. Instead of getting regular Post-its, she got ones that were poster size! She kept them as a reminder of silly mistakes you might make shopping online.

Melissa Harechmak’s fifth-grade class, Landing Elementary School, Glen Cove

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