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Should kids wear costumes to school?

Kidsday reporter Isiah Gutierrez of North Babylon dressed

Kidsday reporter Isiah Gutierrez of North Babylon dressed as a skeleton for Halloween. Photo Credit: Gutierrez family

We had a debate to answer the question: Should Halloween costumes be allowed in school? There were many pros and cons. Here are some of the reasons why people thought “yes.”

Schools should allow you to wear costumes on Halloween so you can be part of the spirit of the holiday. It is just one day, and kids can have fun. It’s just like you’re playing dress-up with your brothers and sisters at home.

In addition, you won’t have to change to go trick-or-treating when you get home and you can trick or treat while it is still light out. You can also use your imagination and role play your costume character.

Some of us think wearing costumes to school is not a good idea. Wearing costumes is distracting. Kids are talking all the time and there’s no time for teaching. This is not fair to the teachers.

Many students get upset if their costumes are ruined or ripped during gym or recess, and they may throw a tantrum or cry. Jealousy is a problem too. Kids may have costumes they think are really cool, but they may see costumes better than theirs and be really mad.

Finally, not everyone celebrates Halloween. Some kids may be too poor to get a costume, or some religions don’t celebrate the holiday, and those people would feel left out.


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