Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Should travel players be on Little League teams?

Bang. Crack. Pop. Those are the sounds you will hear when you watch a travel sports team go against a Little League team. The topic of travel baseball will come up in your youth baseball league if it has not already. In many leagues, they don't allow travel players/teams to join the league because they are more advanced and more talented than some of the kids in the league. But some leagues do. What do you think?

Some leagues don't care whether or not you're a travel player or play in a different league. They believe that whoever you are, you should be able to play. But where do they put the kids who play travel? Is it fair when one team has more than one travel player and another team doesn't have any? The other team will get creamed. Some leagues put all the travel players all on one team. Other leagues level it out so each team has a chance to compete. They want it to be competitive but also let everyone have fun playing. Leagues feel that when games are close in score, the kids have fun playing.

What do you think should happen? Would you rather have your team have fun playing or would you want to beat every team?

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