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‘Show Dogs’ reviewed by LI kids

In "Show Dogs," FBI dog Max, right, goes

In "Show Dogs," FBI dog Max, right, goes undercover to rescue a stolen panda cub. Credit: Henrik A. Knudsen

We went to an advance screening of the new movie “Show Dogs.” “Show Dogs” is about this cop dog, named Max (voice by Ludacris), and an FBI agent, who in the beginning do not like each other. They are sent on a mission to save a stolen panda cub.

Men are trying to sell the panda for millions of dollars. To rescue the panda, Max and the FBI agent come up with a plan. The plan is to have Max perform in a dog show, which he has never done before. If all goes well with the plan, the criminals would try to also steal the dog that wins the dog show (hopefully Max), and maybe that would lead them to the panda. Along the way, there are other dogs that help Max and the officer. It was absolutely hilarious!

Nicolette’s favorite part of the movie was when Max and the FBI agent are chasing the bad man who stole the panda, but the officer is way too slow, so Max has to take over. Another time that Max takes over is in the questioning room. Max barks and growls to try to scare the man and get him to spill the truth as to where the panda is.

One of Juliana’s favorite parts was when Max has to get ready for the dog show because he is going undercover. It was so funny to watch him get groomed for the show. Max does silly things to his owner while he is being groomed, and then Max’s owner keeps giving him payback!

Brady’s favorite scene was when Max and the agent really start to listen to each other. It comes in handy at the end during the dog show. And because Max is a trained FBI dog, he does so well on the agility tests during the contest. So Brady loves the part at the end of the movie when they perform in the dog show!

Ella said her favorite part of the movie was when Max is taught to go to his “happy place.” In dog shows, judges have to do things that dogs do not like. But Max learns that if he goes to his happy place, it will take his mind off what the judge is doing. In Max’s happy place, he is dancing with the FBI agent and doing crazy things! It was very colorful, funny and enjoyable. His happy place was basically his dream land, and everything is perfect there.

The movie was totally worth it, so get ready to go and see it!

Rating: 4.5 smiles out of 5

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