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Good Morning

Show off your Flash Tattoos

Have you ever been to a party and lost a piece of expensive jewelry? If so, you should buy Flash Tattoos! They are metallic tattoos that look like real jewelry. Miranda Burnet is the creator of Flash Tattoos, which last four to eight days with regular bathing. These tattoos come in many colors and designs. Some cool designs are the standard bracelets and the big and bold necklaces. You can even wear a bracelet as a choker. Our favorite designs are the feathers because they are fun and pop with color on your skin. Another favorite is the leaf bracelet because it's unique and it also shows off your nature side.

Don't you hate wearing tight rings on your finger when you're trying to have fun and dance with your friends? If you cut about two inches off a standard bracelet, you'll be rocking an awesome ring. You can find this awesome product at your closest Lester's, Denny's and Bloomingdale's.

Enjoy your Flash Tattoos.

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