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Good Morning

Shuffling in New York City

Hey, you! Yeah, you! Do you like to dance?

Come down to Central Park and shuffle with a group of people who love shuffling, too. Just in case you don't know what shuffling is, Google it. Just kidding. Shuffling is a form of dancing that started in Australia. There are many forms of it. For example, Hard Trance and Hard style are two forms of shuffling where the dancer shuffles rapidly to loud techno music.

In Central Park, the man behind the shuffling event is the most awesome person you will ever meet: Justin San Juan Chuson, a New York City vlogger on YouTube who loves to shuffle. His YouTube username is OhSnapitsJuzdin.

A few times every year, he holds a shuffle meetup in Central Park. In this meetup, people will shuffle all day so be prepared to get energized before you come.

I went in to shuffle, and it was fantastic. Once you get there, don't be overwhelmed with some of the awesome shufflers there. Some of these people have been shuffling for years.

To get as good as they are, you may want to practice first and learn the basic movement of shuffling.

This event is self-moving, which means it is not organized, but is completely self governed. When I was there, I even made a mask. It is the box head character from LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem." Everyone gathered in a circle, and within the circle, I shuffled with the others. Since Justin is a YouTuber, he posted it there. There is a video with me in it shuffling posted on Justin's channel -- OhSnapitsJuzdin -- as well as other shuffle meet-up videos from the past and the present. In short, this was an amazing experience for me, and I hope it is for you too! Video of me shuffling at the meetup (dude with box mask) is at: (at the 1:24 mark, you'll see me).

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