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Shuffling off to Buffalo Wild Wings

Kidsday reporters (left side front to back) Emya

Kidsday reporters (left side front to back) Emya Gomez, Isabella Surpris, Kate Modica, (right side front to back) Derek Fuentes, Nick Tripoli and Billy Vecchio, all from Bay Shore Middle School, at Buffalo Wild Wings in Bay Shore. (Feb. 28, 2013) Credit: Newsday Pat Mulloly

We recently visited the Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in Bay Shore. When we walked through the door, we could smell the delicious wings cooking and hear and see sports on all the TVs. We met Justin Hart, the manager, who led us to our table where we played games and watched sports.

We then got a tour of the kitchen. We learned that soda starts out as syrup and travels throughout the store to all soda fountains. The kitchen was spotless and neatly organized.

We learned how to make wings. Color-coded stickers indicate the flavor and spiciness of the sauce. After the wings come from the cooker, they go into special buckets with a few pumps of your favorite flavored sauce. Shake the bucket and you've got your wings!

We also learned how to make the special new Triple Threat Nachos. These are loaded with everything from chicken, to beef, to pork and on and on! We all put in our orders through the touch screen computer and then we headed back to the dining area to play more games and wait.

Our food arrived and we were treated to a new appetizer. We had fried pickles, and two types of delicious flat breads; garlic Parmesan and sweet BBQ. Everything was fantastic and we thought it was a great place for kids to go because you'll never get bored waiting for your food. There are a bunch of games to play and always some good sports to watch whether you eat in, or take it to go!

There are seven Buffalo Wild Wings on Long Island. We think you would really enjoy your visit. The place is casual. There are game consoles at every table if you want to test your sports knowledge. Want more? Go online to

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