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Cheering on your brothers and sisters

Kidsday reporter Paige Hyland, left, likes to support

Kidsday reporter Paige Hyland, left, likes to support her older sister Kate. Credit: Hyland family

My sister Kate is an awesome softball player. I am her number 1 fan!

I love watching her games and supporting her. Do you have a sibling who plays a sport? These are some fun ways to support them.

Make colorful posters. Take a trip to a craft store and get all the supplies you need. Think of a catchy phrase, for example: KATE IS GREAT. When your siblings looks into the crowd, it will put a smile on their faces!

Make team bracelets. I have a colorful collection of rubber bands and string. Making bracelets keep me busy while cheering them on. My sister and teammates say that wearing the bracelets make them feel stronger and united.

The easiest way to show support when they’re playing a sport is by cheering them on. All you have to do is be loud and positive. Win or lose, just be there to support your siblings because sisters and brothers are the perfect best friends.

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