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Signature Scent Studio creates perfumes, body gels and tattoos

Kidsday reporters Francesca Klug, left, and Ava Smith

Kidsday reporters Francesca Klug, left, and Ava Smith with the Signature Scent Studio. Credit: Brian Harvey

We recently had the opportunity to try out the It’s So Me Signature Scent Studio. This is a fun activity for girls to make a scented craft. The scent studio we tried included everything needed to make two body gels, three perfumes and tattoos.

The instructions were very easy to read, and the package included picture instructions, too. All of the items were neatly organized in the package so they were easy to find. The scents in this package were Very Vanilla, Oh So Orange, and Really Raspberry.

The best part of reviewing the Signature Scent Studio was making perfumes. When we started to create the body gels, we realized that there was a lot of gel in the tube. But would it fit in the container? We used one scoop of glitter for the body gel to make it sparkle a little more.

When we made the perfumes, it was messier than we expected. When we poured the perfume base, it spilled all over the signature scent tool. Even though it made a big mess, it wasn’t that hard to clean up.

The tattoos were really fun to do, even though they didn’t work that well. With the tattoos, you had to press really hard for a really long time.

Our overall thoughts on the Signature Scent Studio are that it worked very well, except for the tattoos. We really enjoyed making the body gels and perfumes. We recommend this for kids 8 and older.

Brian Harvey’s sixth-grade class, Minnesauke Elementary School, East Setauket

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