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LI kids like Silver Point club in Atlantic Beach

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

Silver Point is a beach club located in Atlantic Beach. It is a fun place to go. Silver Point has many different places to go. You can eat in the cafeteria, play video games in the game room, and swim in the pool and the ocean, but we’ll get more into that later. It has lockers if you need to store something small, and there are cabanas if you want to store something big. I would recommend a cabana because if you like to play in the sand, there is more room by the cabana.

The cabanas have lots of room in them. They have sinks, cabinets and TV, and some have showers. The cabanas are big enough that we share with our friends.

Once a summer, each court has a court party. The court parties have music, cotton candy and even snow cones. The snacks are amazing, but when the snacks are gone there is even more stuff to do. The DJ plays music really late, and you hang out with friends.

The game room is a fun place to go if you want to get candy or play games. There are games like the claw, Pac-Man, pool and tabletop hockey. You can go to the game room if you are bored or want to hang out with friends.

They even have a camp. The staff is so nice. They have awesome activities such as color games, Olympics and track meets. If you are not good at sports, they give you time to just play cards and hang out.

The cabana boys help you carry your bags if you need help. They also set up the little pools for the little kids. They are very helpful. They know where everything is. And they know every cabana lock combination.

Silver Point is a very fun place to go. My family can’t wait to go every summer. Find out more at

Mary Ralph’s fifth-grade class, South Oceanside Elementary School, School #4

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