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Good Afternoon

‘Simon Thorn and the Wolf’s Den’ review

Credit: Bloomsbury Press

The book “Simon Thorn and the Wolf’s Den” by Aimée Carter (Bloomsbury Books) is about a boy who discovers that he can talk to animals, but thinks that his ability to talk to animals is weird. He gets bullied in school. The animals are his only friends. His mom is too caught up in working at a zoo that she is almost never visiting Simon and his uncle. His dad died when he was a baby. His mom only comes for special occasions like his birthday. One day on his first day of seventh grade, his mom shows up for no occasion at all, she just shows up and everything changes. Just wait until you find out what special powers he has. Simon finds out that he and his family members are Animalgams. Those are people born with the ability to change into an animal!

I thought that it was a great book and the author really gets you into the story. When you start to read about him getting bullied, you will realize that this is going to be an amazing book and getting bullied like him can happen and it makes you want to cry. But then, it gets even worse, when he has to choose between one side or another.

RATING 4 smiles

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