Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Simple tips to help others that won’t cost you any money

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kiera Pagano, Massapequa

Have you ever seen those commercials with tragedies all over the world? And sad puppy commercials that make you want to help so bad? But what if you need to save up for something else? There are multiple ways you can donate and help without spending a dime.

One way is to look around your house for things like clothes or toys that you don’t need, then put them into boxes and take them where they can be given to people in need. Another way is to participate in school drives. Previously in our school, we had a school supply drive for the kids who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. And another drive for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. You can bring items from home and participate in the drive.

Another way is to have a garage sale. You can sell your old belongings you don’t want or need anymore. (Warning: Make sure you have a guardian for help or you’ll be in serious trouble!)

The last way is to make crafts from supplies lying around your house, like turning something old into something new. Then you can sell those items to raise money.

Those are some ideas on ways you can donate without spending a dime!

Jaclyn Graham’s students, Plaza Elementary School, Baldwin

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