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Singer Becky G chats with Long Island kids

Singer Becky G, center, with Kidsday reporters from

Singer Becky G, center, with Kidsday reporters from left, Aidan LaCombe, Rozlyn Rodriguez, Niko Adikimenakis and Kerilee Vargas. Credit: newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met singer Becky G when she was in Manhattan recently. We were so excited to meet one of our favorite singers and to hear that she is going to play the Yellow Power Ranger in the movie “The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.”

What is your biggest struggle before performing and going on stage?

Before I go on stage, the struggle that I find is staying relaxed. I get very very excited before I go on stage. Sometimes that energy can be so overwhelming and it can come off like I’m nervous and I don’t want to look like I’m nervous on camera. I always have to remember to take deep breaths.

Were you in a chorus when you were in high school?

I did audition for chorus. Didn’t make it though. What are the chances, right?

Do you live in a mansion?

No, I do not live in a mansion. Believe it or not I actually live in the same neighborhood I grew up in and same size house, I guess you can say.

Do you have a car and if yes, what kind?

No, I don’t have a car yet but it’s going to be at my house in a few months and I’m going to get a 4Runner.

Do you have siblings and do you get along?

I do. I’m the oldest of four kids. I have two younger brothers and a little sister. We didn’t [get along] before, I’m not going to lie. That brother/sister, sister/sister relationship, but now that we’ve all kind of gotten older and I’ve been spending a lot of time away from home, the time we do have together is so special and I’d never want to take it for granted or ever let us fight over who gets the last of the cereal in the cereal box. It’s not worth fighting over anymore because I miss them so much all the time.

Where do you get your ideas for your songs?

My ideas for my songs kind of just come from life in general, honestly. I get inspired by things that I go through personally or like the people around me. Like my cousins and my brothers and my sister are like my best friends. So whatever it is that they’re going through in their life, I kind of listen to them. I go “Wow, that would make a great song,” and then I just kind of put it in song.

Who is your favorite singer now and growing up?

My favorite singer growing up is the same as my favorite singer right now. I love Jennifer Lopez. Because she’s more than just a singer — she’s a dancer, she’s an actress, she’s a mom. To me, having a family one day would be so cool because I grew up in a really, really big family. So I love that she is kind of amazing at everything that she does.

So you are going to be in the Power Ranger movie. Were you a fan growing up?

I’m going to be in the new Power Ranger movie coming up. I’m very excited because yes, I did grow up watching the Power Rangers. I kind of was influenced by my older guy cousins. They were like 7-8 years old, I was maybe like 3 years old. Go Go Power Rangers! And it was really cool. Now I get to be the yellow Power Ranger. I’m very excited.

How did you get your name?

My mom and dad are like “What are we going to name our daughter?” And originally, my name was supposed to be Stephanie and then my parents said when they saw me when I was a baby they said, she’s not a Stephanie. Stephanie’s too sweet. She looks strong. We got to name her something strong. What could we name her and my mom decided to name me Rebecca. Rebecca is a very serious name so that’s why as I was growing up I got a lot of nicknames like Becky, Becka, they call me “B” or BB for short. Maybe I’ll save the Rebecca for when I get older. Becky just kind of happened very, very naturally.

Do you speak Spanish?

I do. I don’t speak it perfectly, but I really try my best to get better at it because my grandparents only speak Spanish and you also learn along the way that knowing another language can be very helpful not just to yourself when you travel the world, but you can help other people. Just the other day, I was at the airport and a mom and her daughter missed their flight and they only spoke Spanish. The people behind the kiosk couldn’t speak any Spanish and they were trying and they were like “What other flights can we get on?” and they’re like “We don’t understand you.” I felt so bad and I was able to go over and offer my help and I was able to translate for both people and they were able to get on another flight. It was really cool and it made me feel really good.

Do you have a pet?

I have two. I just got a new puppy. She’s a teacup Chihuahua and then I have my dog Sally who I’ve had for 10 years now.

Which professional singer would you like to sing with?

There’s a lot. Of course, Jennifer Lopez would be one of them. I think it would be really cool to sing with somebody like Chris Brown. I really like him as an artist because he’s also very talented overall.

Does your family ever come to your concerts?

My family always comes to my concerts. I’m Mexican so I have a big old family and sometimes I don’t have enough tickets to even give to everybody because there’s so many of them. Whenever I have hometown shows, they’re always there.

What is another hobby of yours besides singing?

Eating — is that a hobby? I would compete in eating competitions. I love food. Another hobby of mine would be cooking. I love cooking with my sister and my mom especially.

Are any of your songs about your life?

All of my songs are usually about my life. And if they’re not, it’s from my imagination.

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