We met 15-year-old singer Jasmine Thompson when she was visiting her record company, Atlantic Records, in Manhattan recently. We love her song “Ain’t Nobody (Loves Me Better)”

When did you know you wanted to become a singer?

When I was 8 years old I started doing singing lessons and then when I was 10 I started placing videos on YouTube.

Do you inspire people?

I hope so. I do get a lot of messages from people all around the world.

Would you ever stop singing on YouTube and perform on stage?

I’d like to carry on doing both. I really want to carry on doing videos as long as I can. I really love performing live. So I hope to do more.

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Do you have a pet and if you do, what kind of pet is it?

I have a cat and she’s called Lilly.

How does it feel knowing people are describing you as the next big thing?

It’s really incredible to hear that. It’s really nice to hear and I hope I can live up to it.

What was your favorite video that you have ever made on YouTube?

I really loved the music video for “Adore.” That was my first music video shoot. We filmed in it L.A. and there was a massive crew. We had someone helping us getting the clothes for it.

We know you’re a singer. Do you also want to act?

Maybe. I used to do acting when I was younger. At school I used to dance and sing and act, but maybe one day. I’m not sure.

You’re only 15. Do you go to school and what do you do when you are traveling? Do you have any family here in the USA?

I don’t have any family that lives in USA. When I travel I bring my mom with me, she’s always coming with me everywhere. I’m home schooled because it’s a lot easier traveling.

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If you could date any celebrity who would it be?

Taylor Lautner! Do you guys watch “Twilight”?

What is your favorite song to sing and why? And what does it make you think of when you sing it?

My favorite song to sing is “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt. It’s one of my favorite songs and I love the lyrics to the song it’s just a beautiful song.

What countries have you been to?

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So many. I go to Germany a lot. I’ve also been to New York and LA. I’ve been to China when I was younger.

Who would you sing with if you could do a duet?

I would love to sing with Ed Sheeran.

Do you write any of your own songs?

I create most of my own songs. Like other people think it’s really important to write your own songs. That means that you connect with your songs. It’s important to do that.

If you weren’t a singer what would you do?

I’d probably be a music teacher. I think it’s really fun to see how younger children want to embrace the more artistic side of people.

What is your favorite American food?

Everything’s so good. You guys have really good Italian food, you guys have really good Mexican food. All the food over here is incredible.

Does your family support your singing career?

Yes they’re really supportive. When I was younger my mom really encouraged me to embrace like new things. She comes with me everywhere.

How does it feel that you are so popular?

I’m so happy about it. It’s really lovely because when I started I was 10 and that was 5 years ago some people that were following me then are still following me now. I kind of built a second family and everyone’s so lovely, supportive and kind and it’s such an amazing feeling.

We know people from England are known to drink tea. Do you drink tea?

Yeah, I do. I drink tea quite a bit.

Do you have any hobbies or collect things?

I like to collect dried up flowers. I like comic books. Have you heard of the “Walking Dead”? I love that. It’s originally a comic book so I have most of the comic books, I have thirty comic books and I’ve only read 5 or something.

Have you ever met the Queen or any royalty?

No I haven’t. I live quite close to her. No never met her.

Have you ever sang in front of a crowd?

Yeah. I once sung in front of 40,000 and it was incredible. It was like a whole sea of people. It’s such an amazing feeling.