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Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train teaches ABCs

Kidsday reporter Kimberly Napoli tried out the Ultimate

Kidsday reporter Kimberly Napoli tried out the Ultimate Alphabet Train. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

I tested the Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train (VTech). It is a two-piece toy. First it has the train, which is the main part. The train has five buttons on the top: wind, sun, rain, cloudy sunshine and a moon. If you press one of these buttons, music comes on. It has a mystery letter box. The toy comes with these little puzzle-piece blocks and each block has a letter. So if you put a block in that little slot it tells you what letter it is. It also has numbers. On the buttons there are little animals. When you press it, it tells you the number and then the sound the animal makes. Then it has a little slide and you can put a letter block in and then it slides out. Then in the front of the train it has a clock and you can move the hands. Then the second part of the toy is where the baby sits and it has wheels on it and a handle, and you drive it around.

My baby cousin liked it very much. He liked it because he doesn’t walk very well so we didn’t attach the cart. We just let him push around the train with the handle and he practiced walking. He liked it because he likes to dance so when he pushed on the buttons at the top he heard the music and from there he started to bust out his moves. He is about to go to preschool and he doesn’t know his ABCs so we put the blocks in the slot, and it said the letter and he repeated it and now he knows more of his ABCs.

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