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Six Flags Great Adventure’s The Joker ride is thrilling

Gionna Altebrando and Brooke Langella went to a

Gionna Altebrando and Brooke Langella went to a press event at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

“O’ my gosh!” If anyone is looking for a high thrill amusing ride then go to Six Flags Great Adventure and board The Joker just like we did. Great Adventure is one of the places to go for all families and friends. It provides you with a variety of attractions for all ages such as the animal safari, high speed roller coasters and a water park.

We were there opening day for a press and media event. It now is being opened all year with a holiday theme throughout the park. One of our favorites was the newest addition to this amusement park called The Joker. It will be the ride of your life!

This free-flying unpredictable coaster provides you with an unlimited number of flips each time you ride it. You start by being strapped into your single seat and then rising 12 stories above ground on a 90-degree angle. That alone is pretty scary but then the ride begins and you will flip over about six times. There’s nothing above or below you, which calls for a weightless feeling as you’re soaring through the sky. The Joker is a massive, imposing, floating design that reflects the warped sense of humor and the insanity of the Joker himself. Just looking at the Joker makes you feel anxious and you immediately want to step on. All the crazy twists and turns calm down your jitters from waiting on line. This is one of the best DC comic theme additions to the park. But don’t take it from us, go ride it and see for yourself! The ride itself is only about 30 seconds long, but it is 30 seconds you won’t soon forget. In all there are 17 roller coasters to make your day unforgettable including Kingda Ka, Batman: the Ride, and Green Lantern.

Great Adventure is open every day and is in Jackson, New Jersey, which is really not that far from Long Island. For more information, visit

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