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We were the first kids to try Cyborg Cyber Spin

The newest ride at Six Flags Great Adventure

The newest ride at Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey is the Cyborg Cyber Spin. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

For two kids who don't usually enjoy the thrill of roller coasters, Cyborg Cyber Spin ended up being the ride for us. On our way to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, we watched videos to prepare ourselves for the intensity, speed and height of this ride. To be honest, we were terrified, but we pushed through it. Standing in front of the massive seven-story Cyborg ride, our minds were flooding with frightful thoughts. We listened to the president of the park, John Winkler, give a speech for the opening ceremony. After a countdown from 10, an explosion of streamers and smoke came flying out. Once the streamers hit the ground, we knew it was our time to ride. While waiting in line, we talked to a man who was able to help us overcome our fears. He was able to ease us into going on the ride.

Going on Cyborg Cyber Spin made us feel like we were flying. It was the best anti-gravity experience ever. We were glad to be two of the first kids to ride it. The best part was going upside down. It was amazing to look straight into the sky or straight at the ground. We were practically floating. We can’t wait to ride this at night, when we will be unable to tell where the ground or the sky is. However, due to our fear of heights, being upside down was also the worst part of the ride. It was terrifying, and we could barely keep our eyes open.

After the ride, we had the chance to talk to Mr. Winkler. We asked him about how he got the idea for this ride. He told us that they get many of their ideas from engineers all around the world. He did say Switzerland was one of the countries that supplied them with the most ideas. When we discussed the cost of the project he replied, “That’s one thing we won’t discuss, but it is in the millions.” Mr. Winkler also went on this ride and talked to us about the thought process involved in getting shape, size, weight, and material of the ride just right. It took 18 to 20 months to build the ride and it weighs 100 tons! After going on the ride a second time, we felt as if we had mastered it. We recommend Cyborg Cyber Spin to adults, teens, and even kids. Anyone in the height limit should ride. Whether you are scared of roller coasters or not, you will enjoy it. We sure did.

Later that day, we went around the park to try other rides. Even though we usually hate roller coasters, the rides were so much fun. Christian’s favorite was El Toro. He went on it twice. He loved the drop and the speed. James’ favorite was Skull Mountain. He went on it twice as well. He loved that it was indoors, fast and tons of fun.

This was a fantastic experience that we feel everyone should enjoy. We hope the next time you go to Six Flags Great Adventure, you ride Cyborg Cyber Spin. After all, it is the first time this type of ride has been made.

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