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Sixth-graders asked: HSP Math or enVisionMATH?

I surveyed 60 sixth-grade students to see if they could tell the difference between HSP Math, our old math workbook, and enVisionMATH, our new one that aligns with the Common Core standards.

I took a math problem from both books and compared them. I asked the sixth-graders to tell me which book each question came from. It was pretty close: 34 kids could tell the difference, 26 couldn't.

I know what you might be thinking: There isn't much difference between two math workbooks, but there is! The old book, HSP Math, was much more straightforward. The questions, most of the time, were a lot shorter and the way they taught us to solve the problem was a lot simpler and more logical.

The enVisionMATH problems usually involve a lot of thinking and they teach you to solve the problems in a very different way. Kids found the word problems in enViosionMATH more challenging.


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