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Skele-Tube kit lets you build your own dinosaur

Kidsday reporter Keith Dempster of Bayville Intermediate School

Kidsday reporter Keith Dempster of Bayville Intermediate School built the Skele-Tube Pteranodon. Credit: Christine Arthur

This product, the Skele-Tube Pteranodon (Brainstem), is a very exotic prehistoric flying reptile skeleton that you build yourself. It comes inside a plastic tube.

I think the Skele-Tube is very cool. If you like dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals a lot, then this is the fossil for you. This toy is very eye-catching if you display it somewhere in your room. This is also a good toy to observe or study. You can try to figure out what it might be or do.

I advise whoever gets this product to get help from a parent or guardian. You need it because the pieces are pretty hard to put on. Although it’s really awesome, the parts don’t fit perfectly. I think they could do a better job cutting the edges. Overall, it’s a good model if you like to build or if you like dinosaurs.

Rating: 4 smiles out of 5

Christine Arthur’s fifth-grade class, Bayville Intermediate School

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