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Now that summer is past, I can't wait to go skiing

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Si Yue Jiang, Melville

Imagine looking at a breathtaking view of mountains. Then you look at the trail you’re about to go down. You take a deep breath and let yourself slide down the mountains on your skis.

I have done that every winter since I was 4. I loved the feeling of gliding down the mountain and still love it today. I am excited to ski this year and I think you should ski too.

I love to ski in different places. I have skied in New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Utah. Some of my favorite places are Belleayre, Shawnee and Hunter mountains.

I have skied down green, blue, and black trails. Each year the harder slopes have gotten easier for me. I have been to Sugarbush in Vermont. The slopes there are easy, too. Now, the mountains in Utah are different. I have been to Snowbird and Alta out there and they are all harder than the ones here in the East that I’ve been on.

In fact, my favorite state to ski in now is Utah, which has my favorite mountain, Snowbird. I love this mountain because it has beautiful views at the top and it has longer slopes. Longer slopes mean I get to ski longer. I also like that you take a tram to the top of the mountain. The only thing I don’t like is that near the top it is very icy.

Skiing is great for exercise too. It exercises your legs and makes them stronger. Skiing is also a way to challenge yourself. You can try going down steep hills or moguls.

Skiing is an awesome sport! You can go to different places and see amazing views. If you decide to ski, try This is a ski program that lets kids ski free! The Learn to Ski/Snowboard Passport program offers one beginner lift ticket, one beginner person and rentals at participating ski areas.

Barbara Wright’s fifth-grade class, Birchwood Intermediate School, Huntington Station

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