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Good Afternoon

It's almost time to hit the ski slopes

Kidsday reporter Megan Ro on the slopes.

Kidsday reporter Megan Ro on the slopes. Credit: Ro family

It's almost time!

Every year in the winter, my family goes on ski trips. We have been going since I was 5. Some of the mountains that I have been to are Mountain Creek, Shawnee Mountain, Mount Snow, Smugglers Notch and Mount Peter. Over the years, my parents added the gear I need such as skis, poles, ski boots and all the apparel. The mountains' skill levels (from easiest to hardest) are designated by colors. When you begin, you might start with the bunny slope. The easiest slope is marked with a green circle. A blue square is the next level up, and the hardest level is a black diamond. I have tried all the levels. 

When you first learn how to ski, you learn to use the pizza move to stop and the French fries move to go straight. The pizza move is when you make a V shape with your skis, so it looks like a pizza slice. French fries are when you keep your skis parallel. Once you get more advanced, you do the S move. That is when you go from side to side and make the S shape as you go down. This helps you ski more gracefully.

If you've never been skiing, you have to try. It feels like you are flying downhill with the wind blowing against your face.

Nancy Feinstein’s Girls on the Run Club, Williston Park

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