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LI kids review ‘The Sky at Our Feet’

Kidsday reporter Navpreet Singh reviewed "The Sky at

Kidsday reporter Navpreet Singh reviewed "The Sky at Our Feet" by Nadia Hashimi. Credit: Colleen Topping

The book “The Sky at Our Feet,” by Nadia Hashimi (HarperCollins), is about a boy named Jason and a girl named Max going on the trip of a lifetime in New York City. They discover something they never knew before. Jason learns a dark secret and Max has a memory of a lifetime.

This book is something that is very timely, and kids should read it because it is so suspenseful and interesting. It sends the kids on an adventure you won’t believe.

I think the author, Nadia Hashimi, needs to write a sequel. I highly recommend this book because it will take your mind on an exciting and thrilling adventure about the world we live in right now.

Rating 4.5 smiles out of 5

Colleen Topping’s sixth-grade class, Manor Oaks Elementary School, New Hyde Park

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