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Sky Rover Voice Command helicopter lets you do some fancy flying

Kidsday reporter Séamus Hughes tests out the Sky

Kidsday reporter Séamus Hughes tests out the Sky Rover drone. Credit: Dan Heller

The Sky Rover Voice Command Missile Launcher is a cool helicopter that shoots plastic missiles.

It is controlled wirelessly by a controller. It has a voice command attachment that comes with it. Once you plug that into the controller, you can use the voice commands, which is just like normally flying it except that you can tell the drone to do certain things, such as hover, take off, go forward and more. It can hover and it also has working lights, but I would not suggest working it when it is really dark unless you have mastered flying it. I suggest this drone for kids ages 10 and older.

I had five kids try out the helicopter. Each person got a couple of turns to fly it. The average rating was 4 smiles.

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