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Sky Viper Fury drone: A little tricky to fly at first, but patience pays off

Kidsday reporter Luciano Kryoneris tested Sky Viper Fury

Kidsday reporter Luciano Kryoneris tested Sky Viper Fury stunt drone. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

The Sky Viper Fury stunt drone is great for kids who like to fly things. It’s super-light and easy to put together.

The remote is just like an Xbox controller. All you need are three AAA batteries. There are different buttons to make it go up and down. Also, there is an autopilot so that it can fly by itself. It can even do flips if you press a button on top of the controller.

At first, it was hard to fly, but as I learned how to use the drone, it became so much fun and a lot easier. It was really cool flying it in the air. I was really nervous it would crash and break, but it was very durable. I flew it in my backyard and it was awesome.

Once you get the hang of the drone, it is so cool.

Ages: 8 and older

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5

Beth Darrell’s fourth-grade class, Pulaski Road Elementary School, East Northport

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