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Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Mount Sinai leaps of fun

Kidsday reporter Stephen Wilcken bounces up for a

Kidsday reporter Stephen Wilcken bounces up for a slam dunk at Sky Zone. Credit: Wilcken family

In Mount Sinai, there is an indoor trampoline house that lots of local kids go to: Sky Zone Trampoline Park. Here you play dodgeball, skyslam, in the foam zone, volleyball or just jump around.

Foam zone is like a ball pit. The only difference is the balls are replaced with cushion cubes. You can also jump on trampolines and try to slam dunk the ball while doing crazy tricks. There are good activities to pass the time while you wait on lines for volleyball, dodgeball or open jump. Then if you are in the mood to show off to your friends, you can go to a big court and do flips off the walls or ground. Since the ground and walls are divided into trampoline squares, you have your own little section to jump around in.

You play volleyball here like you would regular volleyball, though it is even better at Sky Zone thanks to the bounce pads, which make it much easier to set and spike the ball. The most popular thing to do at Sky Zone, and my personal favorite, is dodgeball. Because this game is so popular, the sessions last about three minutes, but there are three different courts. Court one holds 23 players while courts two and three hold up to 30. The rules are the same for regular dodgeball, but the Sky Zone workers can change it from a team vs. team or a free-for-all whenever they feel like it.

While they have open jump, they also have Sky Fit, toddler time, birthday parties and glow zone. Sky Fit is a program for anyone 13 or older, and you go here to work out. Next is toddler time, which is a program for kids 5 and younger. For birthday parties, they offer three packages: jump around, super jump, or supreme air. Lastly, there is a glow zone, where you jump in the dark, while colors spin around the place when you play.

You can jump any time from 30 minutes to 2 hours. If you know you will get hungry or thirsty, bring money so you can buy things at their concession stand. Sky Zone has always offered me and my friends a fun place to hang out on a Friday or Saturday night.

Sky Zone is at 269 Route 25A, Mount Sinai; 631-938-1420;

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