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Skylar Stecker discusses her singing career with Kidsday

Kidsday reporters Josephine Rizzuto, Julia Salazar and William

Kidsday reporters Josephine Rizzuto, Julia Salazar and William Holian all from St. Martin dePorres School in Uniondale with singer Skylar Stecker at Serendipity's in Manhattan on Dec. 4, 2014. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We met singer Skylar Stecker when she was in Manhattan recently. We had lunch with her at Serendipidity's and talked to her about her new career. If you haven't heard her songs yet, visit her website: We think you will love her video for "Rooftop" as much as we did.

What is your favorite song to sing?

My favorite song to sing and perform is probably . . . it's a song called "Firecracker," and it's on my EP.

Your "Rooftop" music video . . . were those people your friends, and were you able to pick out your own clothes?

A lot of them were dancers that I've met in the past and I've known and we hired them because they're awesome. And a lot of other people brought their friends who are dancers so we had all these girls. And with the clothes, we had a company called Dirty Hollywood giving us all the clothes. It's like a tween clothing line and they were really awesome. So they gave us all our clothes.

We noticed you did a lyrical dance performance in your video. Do you take dance classes?

I take some dance lessons. I take them once a week.

Besides singing do you also compose your songs?

Yes I play piano. I've been playing for six years. I write all my own music. I usually use the piano and then build up and then write the lyrics and then the melody.

How many songs have you written?

I've written a lot. I have an album coming out and there are seven songs on that. I wrote four of the seven by myself and the other ones were co-written.

What kind of music do you sing?

I sing pop music but I feel like my music has a little bit of an R&B flip to it.

What inspired you to write the songs?

It's different. A lot of times I'll write from personal experiences I've had and a lot of times I'll write about my friends who have been in a situation and how they felt in the situation, and a lot of other times I'll make something up where I would put myself in a situation and how I would react if I was dealing with the problem.

Are you home-schooled and, if you are, what's it like?

Yes I am home-schooled and it's really cool. I went to public school for a little bit when we first moved out to California and it got really busy so I had to be home-schooled and it was really cool. It was just different. It's all online and I don't know, it's just really cool.

What's your favorite song to cover, and do you enjoy singing covers?

My favorite song that I did a cover of was probably "Chandelier." So that was probably my favorite. But I do prefer originals over covers just because I could relate to it more because I'm writing it. I've actually been through it. If I had to pick, I would probably pick originals.

How did you feel when you performed the national anthem at sport events?

It was really cool. I definitely got a little bit nervous but it was because it was such a big crowd, but it was really cool. It was definitely different because I performed for the Saints, the Packers, Clippers and they're all so different. The Packers and the Saints were football, the Clippers of course were basketball and it's just a totally different atmosphere. But they're both really cool and so it's really exciting.

Do you play any instruments and if so what is your favorite?

I play piano and I do a little guitar. So piano is my favorite.

Who influenced you or encouraged you to play the piano and sing?

My mom wanted me to do piano when I was really young and then I took it from there and I started to really enjoy it. So then once I did piano I started to do singing stuff which kind of led to everything with my singing.

Is singing a job or a hobby?

Singing is, well, it's a job because I have fans and I have to give them music to keep them entertained. But to me it's not a job because I love doing it so much so it doesn't seem like a job to me. It's more something fun and something that other people seem to enjoy that I'm doing. It's kind of a mixture of both, but it's definitely hard work, but it's definitely a lot of fun too.

If you were given an opportunity to sing in a Broadway musical would you, and what show and what character would you like to be?

I would probably want to be in "Wicked," and I would probably want to be Glinda the Godmother. I'd probably want to be her because she's spunky and fun and crazy like I am.

Did you have a say in what happens in your video and if so, which part?

With the music video for "Rooftop" we got to do a lot of the stuff. I was in the car with my mom and I was like oh I think it would be really cool if we had like a house party kind of thing with all these girls kind of get together. I definitely get a say in what happens but we also have like my manager and everyone else helping out and doing all the technical kind of stuff to it.

What would you say to encourage other kids who want to get into the music business?

Just follow your dreams and follow your heart and whatever your heart tells you and it's not something that people should be telling you that you should be doing it or that you shouldn't be doing it because whatever you do you just have to love it and you have to go for it.

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