Good Morning
Good Morning

Tips for getting a good night's sleep 

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Allison Keane

Not being able to go to sleep easily can be frustrating. Well, I have three ways for you to go to sleep quickly. You don’t need a superpower to sleep, you need a strategy. I found all three on the internet and you can check it, too. First, put away your phone!

Strategy 1: The military method. Relax your face. You can’t go to sleep when you’re all tense. Drop your shoulders and let your hands fall to your sides. Inhale and exhale slowly to release your chest. Relax your legs, thighs and calves. You don’t want to be tense anywhere. Think of a relaxing scene to clear your mind.

Strategy 2: 4-7-8 breathing. Here are the instructions to one round of 4-7-8 breathing. Step 1: Part your lips slightly. Then make a whoosh! noise when you exhale. Step 2: Shut your mouth. Then as you inhale, count to four in your head. Step 3: Hold your breath for seven seconds. Step 4: Exhale for at least eight seconds. Do the cycle four times for it to take full effect.

Strategy 3: Progressive muscle relaxation. Raise your eyebrows as high as you can. You should hold it for five seconds to create tension. Relax your muscles so that you really feel the tension drop. After 10 seconds, smile as wide as you can to create tension in your cheeks. Hold it for five seconds. Then you can relax. Now you have to squint with your eyes shut. Hold your position for five seconds. Relax. Tilt your head back slightly so you see the ceiling. Hold it for five seconds before letting your head sink into the pillow. Continue to do this to the rest of your body. Good luck.

Patricia Alberti’s fourth-grade class, Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School, Rocky Point

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