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A perfect sleepover: friends, movie, snacks and dancing

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

At a sleepover at my house, five of my friends stayed with me. They are great friends. They all begged their parents to let them go to a sleepover, and finally they agreed.

We started the sleepover by watching a movie, “Inside Out.” We had a lot of snacks. After the movie we got our beds ready. My friend Rebekka and I were going to sleep on a foam mattress. Deilia and Jocelyn were going to sleep on the top bunk of a bunk bed. Last, Jaelyn and Alyssa got the bottom bunk. Rebekka and I fell asleep very quickly, but everyone else had a party.

When it was morning, Rebekka, Jaelyn, Alyssa and I practiced a dance to the song called “The Saints.” After we were done practicing, we all got in the car and went to drop off all the girls to their houses. I had an amazing time.

Have you ever had a sleepover? If you haven’t, you must — it’s fun!

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